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Your Full Stack GenAI Infra

Effortlessly manage the entire lifecycle of Large Language Models (LLMs), from deployment and training to scaling, all without the hassle of infrastructure concerns.

We're Open Source!

Manage LLM Infrastructure
on your Cloud

Streamline LLM infrastructure using SimpliML: Deploy, Query, Monitor, Analyze Data, Fine-tune pre-trained models in minutes. Optimize on available GPUs, ensuring security and real-time insights within your VPC. SimpliML offers swift, hassle-free LLM management and customization.




Uncover insights with LLM-driven search, filtering, clustering, and annotation. Efficiently curate AI data, removing duplicates, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and obscure content to reduce size and training costs. Collaborate seamlessly on a centralized dataset for enhanced quality. Track and understand data changes over time for informed decisions.



Elevate your model's performance effortlessly by fine-tuning it with your data. Our robust infrastructure seamlessly manages multiple GPUs and nodes, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process. Effortlessly deploy these fine tuned models onto the platform with just a few clicks.


Deploy your models without any code, and get blazing-fast inference on your models without worrying about infrastructure and autoscaling.


Logging and Monitoring

Attain real-time insights into the cost, latency, and accuracy of your requests. Our comprehensive logging system records every request and response, empowering you to monitor, debug, and utilise logs for continuous model enhancement. Enjoy complete transparency and monitoring of computing resources utilised by all deployed models.

Prompt Store

Effortlessly craft, manage, and version your prompts with our prompt management feature, available across all models on our platform. Seamlessly experiment with these prompts using our interactive user interface before deploying them to production.


Why Choose SimpliML

Semantic Cache

Our platform includes semantic caching, a smart way to reduce costs and improve model accessibility.

Serverless Deployments

Don't worry about managing your infrastructure, use serverless deployments and let us take care of the rest


Our Platform scales GPUs up and down automatically, based on the traffic thus ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance.

Pay as you go

Effortlessly manage costs with our flexible payment model—pay only for the services you actually use. Enjoy budget-friendly solutions tailored to your needs.

Multiple adaptors for one base model

Leverage the versatility of multiple adapters for a single base model with ease. Switch between LoRa adapters in real-time ensuring optimal performance but also strategically reducing costs

High Through Put & Low Latency

Engineered for handling numerous requests, our dynamic request batching algorithm delivers optimal performance without unnecessary delays.


Are your endpoints OpenAI API compatible?
Will my data be used to train other models? What's your privacy policy?
Can I fine-tune or deploy models without having any ML or coding experience?
Does SimpliML support deploying or fine-tuning models in my cloud environment?
How does the pay-as-you-use pricing model work?
How secure is my data on SimpliML?

Interested in deploying or fine-tuning on your own cloud?