+ compute cost

Designed for small teams and independent developers aiming to elevate their capabilities.

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1 workspace users
Ready to use API models
3 GPU (Deployment & Fine Tuning Included)
Email Support
7-day logs access



+ compute cost

Tailored for startups and larger organisations seeking rapid scalability

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10 workspace users ($10 per additional user/month)
Ready to use API models
30 GPU (Deployment & Fine Tuning Included)
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180-day logs access



Ideal for large companies seeking extra security, support, and assurance, including the exclusive option for private VPC deployment to ensure a highly secure and tailored environment.

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Unlimited workspace users
Support via private Slack
Private VPC Setup
Custom Integration support
Flexible GPU, Storage and Log access

Inference pricing

Unlock the power of more than 50+ cutting-edge open-source models covering Chat, Language, Image, and Code with the SimpliML Inference API. Experience cost efficiency as you only pay for the precise usage of these advanced models. Elevate your product with unparalleled capabilities and budget-friendly innovation.

Experience unbeatable value with our pricing structure, tailored to your needs. Prices are per 1,000 tokens including input and output tokens for Chat, Language and Code models.

Dedicated Deployment

Elevate your model hosting experience with our innovative and groundbreaking approach. Say goodbye to hourly billing hassles – now, pay per second for GPU instances. Whether it is your fine-tuned tuned model, Opensource model or any other choice, our seamless transition to serverless deployment empowers you. Scale down to zero effortlessly, giving you unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Take control of your hosting, one second at a time!

Private Model Hosting
Hardware TypePrice per hour (USD)Model Size
L4 24GB$0.90Up to 8B
A100 40GB Half (20GB)$1.26Up to 8B
A100 40GB$1.738.1B - 15B
A100 80GB$2.1615.1B - 30B
2 x A100 80GB$4.3231B - 70B

Fine-tuning pricing

Revolutionize your model refinement journey with SimpliML Fine-tuning. Tailor your models with precision and efficiency, paying per second for GPU instances.

GPU Pricing
Hardware TypePrice per hour (USD)
A100 40GB$1.73
A100 80GB$2.16

Interested in deploying or fine-tuning on your own cloud?